Lonely Hearts

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Hehehehe! Cheesy title. Well, today's blog letter is L and I thought I'd dish up a good playlist whether your heart is lonely or not. 

Back during my assignments abroad, it was a general shit-hits-ceiling scenario on most days. The only window of peace was the late night radio stations. Irrespective of the city one was in, there’d always be a late night slot on some frequency for those wallowing in unrequited love, or those who loved and lost. I think these programs aired around 11 in the night on weekdays and went on past midnight. The playlist was comprised of the usual suspects – but it was the RJ who made the phone-ins more interesting...oh the voice... viscous honey gliding on the airwaves. Returning at an unearthly hour to a cold, dark apartment after a crappy day at work really sucks. I’d always turn on the radio even before I got to the heating. I loved the way the voice of that unseen RJ banished the stone-cold silence, and made the alien flat feel like home.    

Well, for today’s blog, I figured I’d pretend to be your RJ (it’s another matter that my voice will jar you awake)...and here’s my play list for a lonely hearts club...or insomniacs out there. Turn off the lights, move your chair close to a window, sit with your legs resting on the window sill, stare at the sky and turn on the play list J  

Coming up first is the immensely sexy Chris Isaak, fighting a losing battle with his heart in Wicked Games...

We can’t just talk of only one Chris now, can we? Here’s Chris Rea’s soulful regret in And you my love...

The anthem of any lonely hearts club - U2's With or without you...

When it comes to affairs of the heart, everything has to be INXS, yes? There's just Not enough time...

Sometimes, you simply have to leave. Jethro Tull tells you how in Still loving you tonight

Aaand...Scorpions take over from Jethro Tull in Still loving youuuuu...

Reo Speedwagon is not left behind in all the loving, people...

Once bitten twice shy. No more loving...here's Def Leppard telling it like it is in Love Bites.

Scorpions sting and love bites. You can only be Broken. Turn up the volume for the superbly slick Depeche Mode.

Maybe you're broken in a more fundamental way. Radiohead dishes out some raw angst in Creep. 

But you know, at the end of it all, there's always a choice...of Coming back to life...and David Gilmour tells you all about it. 

There's a good side to insomnia, I tell you! Hope you enjoyed the playlist!

© Sumana Khan – 2015 


  1. Whoa I almost feel obliged to pull a cigarette lighter out and wave it in the air as people in Sabbath tees did weird stuff with their fingers and called it a pledge of allegiance to the soul of rock and roll.

    Ok breathe.

    Great post!

    1. hahahahha! thanks for 'listening' in :)

  2. Hello there.
    I don't have the problem of insomnia. Interesting selections...it's like stepping back in time!
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the challenge.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

    1. Thank you Goddess :) I love your 'name'!

  3. That's an interesting playlist. I enjoy listening to Scorpions best. All th very best for the rest of the challenge. Am a drop-out :) Here's where you can find my posts..Do visit when you can Sumana.

    1. Thanks Prathima. I'm not dropping out as such...I'm finishing the race at my own pace ;)

  4. Lovely list! Bryan Adams needs to fit in somewhere though.


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