Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Fog Tales

Have you ever stood in open air, with the fog curling at your feet? It cloaks everything in silence; your pupils, devoid of colours, dilate. You can feel the tip of your nose and ears going cold as the fog seeps between your hair strands. You feel the damp clutch at your throat, pouring into your lungs. You see your breath, vapour dissipating, one with the fog. You cannot move. There's stealth. There's mystery. There's seduction. 


  1. There is seduction?? I dunno about that ..what do you think about paranoia?? Hehe..if it is a tame fog yeah I guess seduction maybe on the menu..lol

    1. Paranoia when you see something beautiful? not a chance. and whatever is a tame fog?!!

  2. Well sometimes when it is surrounding you and swirling around you and you can't see ahead, don't you feel a sense of fear deep down?..I guess that's what I meant by paranoia..well a tame fog is one which lets me see through..like the ones in your video.. Those are nice.. Gives you a fairyland feeling.. :-)

  3. Foggy days are kinda ok. But foggy nights are creepy, esp with only wilderness around you and yours is the only car for miles. :)