Sunday, April 12, 2015

Janice Litman Goralnik nee Hosenstein

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Okay, I’m probably a bit of a loser for this psychoanalysis of something as innocuous F.r.i.e.n.d.s of all the things. Sure, I love the six of them as much as the next fan – but I probably love two characters a pinch more than the main protagonists – Janice and Gunther.

In particular, I love Janice’s character for her freshness; she’s remarkably uncomplicated; loud, boisterous and unapologetic who stakes claim on whatever god is around quite vehemently. And who would not want a friend with an infectious laughter?

But here’s the thing – whether intentionally or unintentionally, the makers of Friends have revealed a universal truth. If one is ‘good looking’ in the conventional sense, then being weird is cute. We love Phoebe’s quirky weirdness. We love Monica’s OCD. We quite tolerate Rachel’s dumbness. But let’s say you are not the conventional beauty; then people can point at you and laugh at your weirdness.

I think one should be lucky to have a Janice in their lives. Janice-like characters are more open about their emotions, almost in a child-like way. They are guileless, and are not burdened by outward conditioning of How To Behave and Blend In. They are so free – free from ‘people are watching’ syndrome.

Next time you cringe when an unconventional friend meets you on the road – probe a bit deeper into your hypocrisy. Do you cringe because he/she is genuinely embarrassing – you referring to unmentionable body parts as a matter of conversation – or do you cringe because the person is just different from the mould?

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  1. Friends is such a fun show, and thanks to you I will watch it with more depth.
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    1. Maria...blogging on two themes?!!! Wow!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Great post! Some of my favorite Friends episodes are the ones with Janice!

  3. And I want to go watch an episode or two right now. Never thought of Janice this way- kind of an enlightening post for me! :)

    1. :) I particularly love 'i'm going to yemen' LOL!

  4. Yes. you are right. The first thing we do, when someone greets us loudly or does something like show affection in a public place, is to look around to see if anyone saw us. :)

    1. When I eventually meet you Prathima...I know how I'll greet you hehehehe